About me

Jiayi Hu - Speaking

Hi, I'm Jiayi Hu and I write chronicle posts about my journey as a young 24 y/o web developer.

I'm currently working remotely as Front-end Developer, Trainer and Consultant leveraging React, Angular and Redux. But I'm also keen on web standards like Web Components and other languages such as Haskell.

Currently studying Cloud Serverless and Web Assembly for my master-degree thesis at Padova University, Italy.

I enjoy spending time chatting in the Italian communities “React Italia”, "Angular Italia" and “Frontenders Verona” and I speak sometimes at public tech events on national/international level.

I love digging into abstract concepts, algorithms, data structures and wondering about architectures. I find myself thrilled to work with lovely people and I'm a strong open-source advocate as well as a contributor.

Also a fan of vanilla Javascript/CSS but I hate vanilla yogurt.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels, dystopian books, watching dramatic films and experimenting in the kitchen.