About me

Jiayi Hu - Speaking

Hi, I'm Jiayi Hu and I write chronicle posts about my journey as a young 22 y/o web developer.

I'm currently working remotely as Front-end Developer, Trainer and Consultant leveraging ReactJS, Angular and Redux. But I'm also keen on web standards like Web Components and other languages such as Haskell.

I enjoy spending time chatting in the Italian communities “React Italia”, "Angular Italia" and “Frontenders Verona” and I speak sometime at public tech events.

I love digging into abstract concepts, algorithms, data structures and wondering about architectures. I find myself excited by performant clean code and I'm a strong open-source advocate as well as a contributor.

Also a fan of vanilla Javascript/CSS but I hate vanilla yogurt.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels, dystopian books, watching dramatic films and experimenting in the kitchen.
I'm definitely better at coding than cooking though.